The local Cannabis dispensary offers quite a respite

When I moved here for my new position, I was keen to get to work.

This was my first entirely big promotion and success here could be a fast track for my career arc.

This Career Arc has been my 1 and only focus since I got out of grad school and started working for the firm. I put in a ton of OT hours doing what I do and the bosses appreciate it. Thankfully though, I know that I have to balance my working life with other things outside of work. So I made two stops as soon as I got to town. The first was a visit to the local cannabis spot and the other to a yoga studio that came highly recommended. It doesn’t seem as if that much entirely but yoga and cannabis products entirely help me decompress. And without being able to destress a little bit, I’ll never be able to make it in this industry. So I was lucky that both recreational marijuana and medical cannabis were both legal in this state. That makes it so much easier to find the marijuana for sale that I’m looking at. My go to cannabis products are sativa strains and yummy cannabis edibles. I’ve been totally comfortable with smoking cannabis products at home. But when I go to a park or out for a hike, I enjoy the simplicity and convenience of cannabis edibles. And I enjoy the fact that the effects of cannabis edibles come on slowly but last much of the afternoon. It entirely is a great way to get your head on nice and squarely. Follow the marijuana hikes with a great yoga class the next afternoon and I’m ready for another round of slaying dragons at work.

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