So thankful to have cannabis products for my ADHD troubles

But wow, was the doctor right about everything.

My doctor totally surprised me roughly a year ago. He thought I might benefit from cannabis and we had a discussion about cannabis products. He honestly knows how much I strive to manage my ADHD or at least that’s the diagnosis. As with a bunch of physiological ailments, there is a broad spectrum when it comes to ADHD concerns. That’s one of the reasons everyone is stunned to hear that I’m a guy with attention and concentration troubles that stem from ADHD. Yet, I’m not hyperactive in the least. And that has nothing to do with the sativa I use, by the way. That’s one of the symptoms that everyone with my condition normally suffers from. Not the case with me to be honest. Still, I have had such a challenge all my life just learning in college and now being a good employee. It feels like it just takes so much more effort for me to get things than it does others. But I have kept up with much of the latest therapies and nutritional guides. Still, when the doctor advocated I start treating with sativa products and unique indica strains, I was shocked. I don’t partake of alcohol and just never thought to try cannabis flower. But wow, was the doctor right about everything. Once I started with the sativa products, I could actually feel a substantial change happening. It wasn’t as though a light was easily turned on but there was amazing change and swiftly. Now it’s been a year and I’m happy to announce that I’ve never managed my ADHD better than with sativa strains.


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