Can’t thank the cannabis dispensary enough

It’s amazing the sort of bonds you make with people.

It’s been a long year caring for my mother and now that she’s gone, it’s sort of hard for me to get back to normal.

I know I will but that will take time. Yet, the card I got from the entire staff at my mom’s local cannabis spot just melted my heart and made me so happy. I couldn’t believe they went to the trouble of finding my address to express their joy for having known mom. Talk about a great crowd of people. When my mom was first diagnosed with cancer, it was not good. She was deep into stage and the chances of beating her cancer at her age weren’t good. Still, she wanted to try and that’s where medical marijuana came into the picture. I was sort of surprised that my mom was willing to follow the doctor’s recommendation when it came to cannabis. She’s not one to drink more than a couple of glasses of red wine every month or so. The idea of my mom getting high on sativa and indica was hard to visualize at first. However, that medical marijuana was actually a miracle. There was something about the sativa strains in particular that really allowed my mom the freedom to just be. It took her out of the end game that she was looking at and gave her some beautiful nostalgia. And she also just loved the cannabis edibles the staff at the local cannabis spot would pick out for her. They made a wonderful impact on her life and on mine as well with their sincere care and compassion.


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