A fun Tuesday night will consistently involve budweiser and cannabis

For me, a fun weekend entailed a few twelve packs of budweiser and a couple of joints, but back in the day things were easyr, then as a wild teenage kid, both of us had a million things I enjoy doing and locales to go, definitely few of which required having currency to spend, my crew didn’t go to the mall, both of us would park on the hill beside the drive-in theater to watch films for free.

Both of us would start bonfires and host parties in the middle of the woods and get ridiculous for a few hours.

Whatever both of us did, it was consistently entirely well fueled with budweiser and cannabis, then the more things change, the more they stay the same, because booze and cannabis is still our Tuesday night of choice, twenty years later. Back then both of us had to drive well outside of town to the local marijuana farmer and haggle with him through a barbed wire fence. These nights I just drive up the street to the cannabis dispensary, where there is no haggling and no barbed wire fence, however i will admit that the cannabis is better here, although I did like the wildness of confronting a shotgun wielding pot farmer. I have such a quiet life now, with all the cannabis I could ever need, although I miss the wildness both of us used to experience. That’s what happens when you get older and have girls, you have to rest back and let them like the wild times you used to have. This is why I never buy our youngsters cannabis, although I don’t know they want myself and others to – they should go find a ridiculous pot farmer to deal with, the same way I did.


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