Vape Products vs. Cannabis Flower Products

Typically, I purchase cannabis flower products from my marijuana dispensary.

It’s what I have constantly done and it’s constantly served myself and others well.

However, more and more, I am seeing people opting for vape products, as opposed to flower products. I began to wonder if I should consider switching to vape products, as well. I decided to talk to my budtender about what the advantages and disadvantages are to smoking vapes, rather than flowers. The budtender gave myself and others with a long list of benefits, and vapes smell less than flower products and are easy to use. In numerous instances, it is more affordable to purchase a vape than it is to buy cannabis flower. The budtender also emphasized that vapes supply a cleaner hit and are easier to use in more sites. That was a wonderful point, but I respectfully just smoke in my house, so I wasn’t sure if accessibility mattered much to me. However, the downsides are that medical professionals really can’t say how dangerous it is to smoke a vape. There are mixed reviews on the effects that vapes have on the lungs. I didn’t really prefer the unparticularty of that. While I could see the appeal in smoking vapes, I’ve decided to stick with my cannabis flower products, as that is what works for me. The budtender assured myself and others that it’s best to choose the product that I am most comfortable with, so there was no need to switch it up at the moment.


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