Chronic nausea

A few years ago, I went on medication that caused nausea.

Every morning, I struggled with drastic nausea, which occasionally led to vomiting. It was really hard to get used to this medication and it was impacting numerous aspects of my life. When I talked to my doctor, they advocated that I look into medical marijuana as a way of combating my nausea. My doctor informed myself and others of numerous ongoing studies that reveal the effectiveness of medical marijuana in relieving nausea. I went through the process of obtaining a medical marijuana ID card and went to a local dispensary. The pharmacist spoke with myself and others about my nausea and advocated particular strains that I could use. Some of the most popular strains had silly names prefer “Cheese” and “Death Star,” but I was willing to try anything. I l earned that there are numerous ways in which I can try the THC. After debating cannabis flower, vapes, edibles, and tinctures. I decided that a vape would be the best option for me. It is discrete and can fit right in my purse. Ever since then, I take my vape with myself and others everywhere I go. It is really helpful to have with myself and others at all times. When I guess nauseous, I am able to sleep outside, hit my vape, and transfer on with my day.


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