Traffic was a nightmare on the interstate

Traffic was an absolute nightmare on the interstate, due to a immense accident in the northbound lane, then cars plus trucks in the northbound lane were backed up for many miles, but i was incredibly thankful that I was traveling in the opposite direction! Traffic was so slow on my side of the road due to all of the people taking their time to stop plus look at the accident.

It looks care about a sizable truck plus a semi decided to merge at the same time. The result turned out to be bad news for the smaller truck. It was also bad news for the small motorcar plus SUV traveling behind those vehicles. They slammed into the back of the semi. I was on my way to a marijuana delivery when I came across the accident. I was supposed to take the interstate back to the marijuana delivery store after I dropped off all of the bags to the customer. There was no way that I was going to get back on the interstate after I saw all of the traffic in the opposite lane. I genuinely would have sat there for 2 seconds. The police plus ambulance still had not arrived when I had passed by the accident plus traffic was already backed up many miles or more. I took a couple of back roads after I left the delivery purchaser plus I made it back to the marijuana delivery store a lot quicker than I would have if I had taken the interstate instead. I do not think they cleared traffic until much later that night.

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