I wanted to know better, however not get high.

When I first heard about medical marijuana, I was absolutely interested… I wanted to get someone else’s opinion, so I went to our mom.

I asked Dad how she felt about our using medical marijuana.

Dad said that the use of medical marijuana was great if you’re using it only to know better, however it wasn’t so great if you were just interested in getting high. I had to convince Dad ‌I had no intentions of getting high, although I wanted something to help with our anxieties. My mental anxiety was getting so exhausting that I would often have an anxiety attack that left myself and others without being able to breathe. I was not doing well in school because I couldn’t stay in the class long enough to learn. I would take the anxiety meds that the doctor provided me, although I would get so tired that I often slept in and didn’t even wake up in time to go to class. I had a part-time task to help pay for some ‌expenses of school, however when our anxiety hit, I would often and the going beach house early. My boss didn’t prefer our not putting in our full shifts, and suspended me. I was thinking medical marijuana could help myself and others be more productive, however not only could I continue with our school classes, although I could also keep a task. Dad told myself and others that if I was sure medical marijuana would help with our condition, she would help myself and others buy it, however since our doctor would only provide myself and others medication that made myself and others sleep, I absolutely thought that medical marijuana was going to be the best choice for me.

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