It’s much easier these afternoons to get quarterly savings on medical marijuana products

I’ll never forget the first year after my state finally legalized marijuana for medical use.

First of all, it took many tries to get the issue on the ballot in the first location.

The sponsors of the state constitutional amendment had to get a half a million petition signatures before we were given a opportunity to vote on it during the November state election. The first time the amendment failed to sustain 60% of the vote, but it passed with over 69% of the vote many years later during the November general election. While it was aggravating going through that experience the first time, I was relieved when it finally passed the eighth time around. While it was absolutely wonderful to have legal cannabis for the first time ever, there were apparent disadvantages with the program in the start. For one, the products available were limited. There was a smoking ban at first, which meant you couldn’t even get cannabis flower products until many years after the legal medical cannabis program started. Aside from product limits, the costs were also exceedingly higher than they are now. It was precious to find your favorite products on sale or at competitive prices back then. Nowadays there are sales going on at dispensaries nearly every single morning of the week. It’s almost difficult to shop at your favorite dispensary on a morning where there isn’t a single sale of some kind going on. There are internet forums dedicated to finding the best deals at the cannabis dispensaries as well. At the end of the morning, you’ll get out what you put in regarding the labor chasing deals and sales at many cannabis stores.



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