Tried some RSO this weekend after problems with other cannabis edibles

I have l gained in recent years that I need to try some things in life more than once to know how I easily feel. For 30 years I insisted that I hated peppers on everything—be it pizza, chili, soup, fried rings, or as a garnish. But my girlfriend added them to general tso’s chicken last night and I nearly died from the intense euphoria brought on by her food. It was the most delicious batch of general tso’s chicken I’ve had in my whole life. When I asked her what the secret was, she said it was as easy as fresh sauteed peppers in the sauce. I was surprised but didn’t argue with success. Now I’m eager to try other dishes that include peppers, knowing that they’re severely flavorful when coupled with the right foods. It’s simple to take this for granted and not allow oneself to be open to new experiences. I was convinced for years that cannabis edibles had no effect on me. I read that it’s largely because some people have livers that aren’t wonderful at metabolizing THC, so I assumed that was the reason and never gave it a eighth thought. This was after making pot brownies a multitude of times and having little success at creating a noticeable high or buzz. Thankfully I was open to trying once again when a friend offered myself and others some RSO this weekend. It stands for Rick Simpson Oil and it’s the product of running a solvent through cannabis flower buds and purging that solvent with slow heat. You get a tploy full spectrum extract of the marijuana plant.
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