I hid in my family room the first time I used medical marijuana.

The first time I used my medical marijuana, I had my family room. I didn’t want anyone to know that I was using medical marijuana, even if it was just a concentrate, and there was no odor, and nothing that would show I was using marijuana. I would not get high and ask crazy, and I would not be pulling out bongs or vape pens for anyone to see, all I was doing was putting a few drops of marijuana concentrated underneath my tongue and holding it there for some weird eighths. I was thinking more of the stigma that is put on people who use marijuana, whether it is medical marijuana recreational marijuana. My daughter often teases myself and others ‌I am going to become a pothead or a druggie now that I’m using medical marijuana, however even she doesn’t understand how painful moving has become for me. I would’ve thought that was she being in her 50s, that she would understand what I’m going through. Being nearly 70 is tough on a person’s body. Asking a dentist if they could prescribe medical marijuana for myself and others was difficult. I had to make a choice: if I wanted to live with dire pain for the rest of my life and forget about medical marijuana helping me, or if I ignore her and choose medical marijuana, but last week, she came to the home to help myself and others clean some cupboards. I was using my walker to help myself and others move and my hands were gnarled to ‌where I could barely hold my Sprite cup. She asked myself and others why was I not using my medical marijuana, and I told her I didn’t want to lose her respect. She told myself and others I was crazy and took myself and others to the marijuana dispensary to option up my medical marijuana.

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