The supplement had a trace amount of marijuana

My mom always orders weird supplements and herbal remedies online. She is constantly searching for the next big thing. The last time she ordered something online, it turned out to be a huge fraud. My mom bought a supplement that was supposed to help her sleep more soundly at night. The advertisement promised a full 8 hours of sleep or your money back. My mom couldn’t resist spending 59.95 for the herbal pills. My mom took two on the first night, even though the recommended dosage was one or two tablets. I told my mom she should start low and go slow, but she was ready for a ride. My mom thought that the worst thing that would happen was sleeping a couple of extra hours longer. My mom did not read all of the fine print on the product and she did not realize that the herbal supplement actually contained a small amount of marijuana. I don’t know how the company got away with selling the product online, to be honest, but my mom got high after the first dose. She called me from her cell phone and she was acting really strange. I thought my mom had been drinking. Even when she told me that she was fine, I still thought something was odd. Her behavior was bizarre. I decided to go back to my mom’s to check on her. When I got to the house, she was eating all of the leftovers in the fridge and sitting on the floor. I recognize that behavior anywhere. My mom was totally high.

Cannabis oil