I couldn't keep the baby tree

My buddies and I were walking down by the river and we stumbled across a couple of immature marijuana plants. They were growing in the middle of a bunch of reeds. They looked totally out of place. If we didn’t know exactly what marijuana looked like, we would have passed them by. I suggested we take one back to our dorm. Jack didn’t want to get into trouble and Carl thought that the plants belonged to the cartel. Both of the guys were being ridiculous. I pulled one of the plants out of the ground, roots and all. As soon as we got back to the dormitory, I pulled the plant out of my jacket. I found an old big gulp cup on the floor of my closet and I filled it with water. I put the marijuana plant in the water. I left the light on in the closet overnight, so the plant would be able to thrive. The next morning, the marijuana plant looked like it was drooping. I was worried that the plant needed natural sunlight, so I put it inside of a small box and placed it on the ledge of the dorm by the window. Someone walking by saw the plant and identified it as marijuana. The next morning there was a note on my door from the dean of students requesting my presence in his office. I played dumb and told the guy that I had no idea it was a marijuana plant. I had to show him where the rest of them were located.

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