The manager made everything better

I have some products delivered to my apartment from the marijuana dispensary.

The time for the delivery was supposed to be between 5 and 7 PM.

I arrived back home around 4:45 and I stayed there until after 7. That’s when I contacted the marijuana delivery service. I spoke with the manager on the phone. She looked for my marijuana delivery and order. She quickly found the order, but she did not know why it was lost in the system. She apologized for the confusion and sent someone with the items right away. She told me there was a delivery driver standing by and she was going to send him to my address right away. Only 10 minutes later, there was a knock on the door and it was the marijuana dispensary driver. The guy gave me the bag for my items and then he gave me the total. It was 25% less than the amount that the original budtender quoted me. The guy told me that the dispensary manager added a discount for all of that trouble I had with the delivery. She also put a couple of free promo items in the bag. There was a couple of edibles, a gram of live resin concentrate, and 1/8 of infused shake. The manager more than made up for the problem with the delivery. Honestly, she didn’t have to give me any of the free items. I was happy when I found out that she gave me a 25% discount on that total. Everything else was just a bonus.

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