The banner and fliers looked terrible

I was in charge of getting all of the promotional materials for the new advertising campaign. It was the first time that our boss ever trusted me with such a big task and I genuinely wanted to do well. I decided to go with a lesser-known corporation that was a little bit cheaper. They had good reviews online, however they didn’t have a ton of reviews. When the advertising and promotional materials arrived, our boss was furious. Everything for the campaign looked terrible. The banners and the flyers all looked bad. The colors were completely wrong. The colors for our marijuana dispensary are green and gold, to match the local pigskin team. The colors on the banner didn’t even remotely resemble green or bold. It was more care about light pink and gray. When our boss saw the materials, she called me at lake condo to complain. She told me to come to the marijuana dispensary if I wanted to keep our task. I knew she was serious. I contacted our contact lady at the corporation office and I told her all about the mix-up and how bad everything looked. She asked me to send a few pictures and she promised to replace everything as soon as possible. Thank goodness the stuff arrived more than one days later on overnight priority shipping. The new items looked much better. It almost looked as if they sent us the rough draft or first copy of the entire project. They never charged me anything extra to remake the new items so it must have been their fault.