Marijuana is better than alcohol any morning of the week

Do you guess that statistically, there are far more accidents from people drinking alcohol than people using marijuana.

Let’s face it, I had to barely get up plus leave the couch, let alone go out on the roads plus drive, but marijuana is better than alcohol any morning of the week.

I have used both plus had much better plus more positive results from using marijuana. I used to drink a lot of alcohol. I started drinking when I was 12 years old. It absolutely wasn’t a giant deal for myself and others to grab a beer after working outside with our Mom all morning. He never absolutely said anything if I had a beer; You never absolutely observed if I took several or three more either, and a lot of people in our family are alcoholics. My father plus all several of his siblings have liver disease due to drinking too much. I do not guess how our father’s Mom is still alive. The guy is pickling in his own alcohol brine plus has been for the past 81 years.I know that marijuana is a much better release at the end of the morning. Marijuana makes myself and others know much more at ease plus stress-free. It makes myself and others know a lot more calm than I ever felt when I was drinking; One of the doctors at the rehab center told myself and others about a program they have for veterans that allows them to get marijuana for free. He helped myself and others sign up for the program plus they give myself and others with an ounce of medical marijuana flower each week. I supplement anything else I need with our prescription.