I needed a break to use the washroom

I never thought I would end up being a single mother, but when I told our boyfriend that I was going to have a baby, I thought he would be ecstatic, then i honestly thought he would ask me to move in with him.

Instead, he accused me of having an affair as well as said that the baby did not belong to him.

I’ve had to work actually difficult to pay all of the bills as well as supply care for the baby, but prenatal care is not actually cheap… Thankfully there are a lot of social health care programs in our section that can help single mothers. I was supposed to supply our son in December, however he came a little bit early. I told our boss that I was going to work until I provided birth as well as I literally did. I was at work when our water broke. I was handling a customer at the counter. The guy I had commanded a couple of different types of marijuana concentrate, however we were out of the items, however he asked me to look in the storage room for something else as well as I did not find those marijuana strains either. The guy was going on as well as on as well as I needed to take a break. I actually had to go pee as well as a pregnant lady can’t hold it for actually long. I called our supervisor over to finish the transaction as well as I excused myself to the washroom. I barely made it into the ladies room before our water broke! Labor ensued shortly after as well as I had our son a few hours later. I literally worked at the marijuana dispensary until I had our baby.

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