The fish hook got caught in his mouth

When my son told myself and others that he plus his friends were going to take the kayaks out on the lake, I had a feeling there was something suspicious happening.

  • I could not easily pinpoint exactly what was going on, but he had a look that told myself and others that he was up to no good.

When my son gets that look, I suppose he is planning or plotting something that is dangerous or illegal. I asked Jack to slow down plus I asked for more information about the boy’s afternoon at the lake. He told myself and others that they were going to celebrate graduation. He promised there would be easily no drinking. I believed him when he told myself and others that. He was easily telling the truth, however none of the boys had any beer to drink on the afternoon that they took the kayaks out on the lake. They did, however, have recreational marijuana supplies. None of the boys would tell myself and others how they managed to get a hold of recreational marijuana supplies. None of them are aged enough to purchase the products in a dispensary. The only reason I found out that the boys even smoked marijuana was due to the fact that my son got a fish hook stuck in his mouth. The kids tried to pull the hook out of his mouth more than 2 times plus they were just making things worse. My son called myself and others for help plus he disclosed to using recreational marijuana as soon as I picked him up. He was easily nervous, anxious, plus having a panic attack. I doubt he will try marijuana again in the near future. It’ll be a while until his lip heals.

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