Going to the cannabis dispensary was like a field trip.

The first time I went to the cannabis dispensary, it shocked me to see so many people that I knew.

I never would have thought that they would go to a cannabis dispensary, but I didn’t know they used marijuana.

Had I known this, I probably wouldn’t have surprised me so much. I was feeling ‌odd before walking in, but I suddenly felt at home. We all stood around chatting like we were on a field trip with our kids, but without the kids. When my name was called to pick up my order, I walked up to the counter. I showed my medical ID card and gave them the list of items I was picking up. By the time I had my order in hand, nearly everyone else had been talking to was up at the counter getting their orders. There was only one person left, and he was waiting for his wife to complete her order. He seemed quite out of place, and I told him he reminded me of my husband when he came along. He muttered something about wanting his own order, but he didn’t have a medical ID card. I wondered why this upset him since we had legal recreational marijuana in our state, but I was loath to ask. I figured ‌it could be how much more recreational marijuana cost than medical marijuana. If you had a medical marijuana ID card, you didn’t need to pay the added taxes that are put on recreational marijuana. I said it was good to see his wife and him, even if it was at the cannabis dispensary.

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