Grandpa thought the cannabis dispensary was better than the grocery store.

Ever since grandpa had started his chemotherapy, he had been steadily losing weight. His oncologist suggested he try marijuana to help with the nausea that was caused by the chemo, and to gain some weight back. It took a while to convince him that marijuana could be used for medicinal purposes, but he went along with me. When we got to the marijuana dispensary, grandpa was in a better mood than I had seen him in months. I thought it was because he was out of the house for something other than going to the doctor. When we got inside, he was looking at all the products they offered. I talked to the pharmacist they had and told him that grandpa needed something for his nausea and to help him gain some weight back. The pharmacist suggested several things, and I asked grandpa if there was any product he wanted to try. He looked at the guy and asked where he could find a bong. The pharmacist could barely control his grin. He told grandpa they didn’t sell the equipment, but he also gave us a business card for a local store that did. Grandpa told him he wanted to try Orange Krush and maybe some ‌gummies. I never realized grandpa was savvy with marijuana. I was learning something new. On the way out, he said he never thought he would buy marijuana in a store and not on the streets. This was better than going to the grocery store. For the next half hour, grandpa told me stories of when he was young and how he and his friends would hang out in the basement smoking pot.

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