Would it be wrong to take my senior group to the cannabis dispensary?

They chose Grandma to be head of the senior center’s entertainment committee. All the old ladies in her senior center thought she would be best for the position, since she was the one who talked the most. Gran thought this was an honor and did the job to the best of her ability. One afternoon, gran showed up at the house. She had some questions about some things her senior center group could do together. She had considered they went on some outings, but she was running out of ideas. Her first thought was to go on the wine tasting tour, but that was a lot of walking. She wasn’t sure Agnes could keep in step with her walker. Maggie would probably run everyone over since she just got her new buggy and couldn’t control it yet. She then came up with the idea that she would take them to the cannabis dispensary. I must have looked shocked because she chastised me for being rude. I tried to tell her I wasn’t rude, but I thought no one would want to go on a field trip to a cannabis dispensary. I thought the older generation believed marijuana to be wrong. She frowned and made a sound. She informed me ‌she knew more about marijuana than anyone she knew. What did I think her senior group got together for? They were all using marijuana for various reasons, and they wanted to go to the cannabis dispensary as a group. If they used their club as an excuse, the cannabis dispensary may give them a tour and some free goodies to take home with them.

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