Maybe it would be easier if they came into the dispensary sober

I have been working at the local cannabis dispensary for the last four years.

  • I am the only original budtender left from when the cannabis dispensary first opened.

Ever since our cannabis dispensary has gone from strictly medical cannabis to medical and recreational cannabis, we have been having a lot of problems. We have always had a strict policy on comportment. The company expects all budtenders to maintain a business, and yet friendly demeanor. Sometimes this is extremely difficult to do. Since recreational marijuana has been legalized, there is no reason to show ID, other than showing that you are over twenty-one. We don’t have a quota to how many people can enter at one time, but there is a quota to how many people are in the building at one time. When you get three or younger persons in the building, it becomes a gathering place, and there can be some raucous behavior happening. I told my boss that if we refused to allow people into the building when they are under the influence, a lot of this behavior would stop. Last week, we had a young man come in who was obviously under the influence. He not only started a huge argument over the price of the marijuana, but he also cursed at one of the budtenders. I really think it would be easier if they weren’t allowed inside the cannabis dispensary if they weren’t sober. As much as we have tried to get the boss to our side of the argument, no one thinks things are going to change. Even the rowdy bunch has the law with them about purchasing marijuana.

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