Can you tell me how to get to the cannabis dispensary?

I hadn’t lived in the city ‌long before I realized I needed to get marijuana products. I thought I had bought enough to get me through at least a month after our move. I either figured out my usage wrongly, or I had used more because of the stress, than I normally would. I found the address to the local marijuana dispensary, but when I got the address into my GPS, it said there was no address to be found. I didn’t know if the marijuana dispensary had moved, or if the address on my phone was wrong. I tried calling the phone number to the cannabis dispensary, but no one answered. I was thinking I would need to go out of the city to get my marijuana products. I hated driving, but I didn’t know what else I could do. Without marijuana, I was one massive bundle of nerves. I remember how my family would hide from me when my anxieties got bad, and I was quickly getting to that point. I wanted to hide in the closet, or do something even more drastic. I had to get my marijuana products so I could relax and start getting rid of the negativity that was building inside. Before I had a full-blown panic attack, I asked my neighbor if he could tell me how to go to the local cannabis dispensary? He smiled and said I wasn’t looking too good and asked if I wanted him to take me there. He was just getting ready to take a trip to the cannabis dispensary for his own marijuana products.


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