The cannabis dispensaries offer amazing deals for first-time customers.

The first thing they do when you go into a marijuana dispensary is take your picture ID.

They want to make sure you’re of a legal age to be in the marijuana dispensary.

When i turned twenty-one, I couldn’t wait for the 420 celebration. I heard they had amazing deals and the cannabis dispensary offered a lot of samples. I wanted to go to every marijuana dispensary within a half hour of where I lived. This gave me ten different cannabis dispensaries to visit. I was told I needed to make a minimal purchase to get any of the samples and deals, but I had that all figured out. I did not know that if you watched the sales flyers from the local cannabis dispensaries, you could get amazing deals if you were a first-time customer. My friend told me about this, and I was eager to see what ‌deals I could get. The following week, I was perusing the papers and making phone calls when the sales flyers came out. I found out that the one local marijuana dispensary offered a 50% discount to all first-time buyers. I went there, signed up for their newsletters, and put in my order. I couldn’t believe how much I could buy since I had 50% off the entire order. Two weeks later, I was at another cannabis dispensary. They offered 40% off for first-time buyers. I couldn’t believe that I could make a purchase at every cannabis dispensary in the area, and get no less than 30% off since I would be a first-time buyer. When I covered all the marijuana dispensaries, I started all over with the cannabis dispensary that offered the biggest percentage off in their sales.


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