Fight to eat right made easier with trip to weed shop

I’m 29 years old and I’m relearning just how to feed myself.

That is not a joke or any sort of wisecrack.

It’s the literal truth. And this is the case because I have had an eating disorder for nearly 15 years. With help from therapy and the cannabis dispensary, I am finding a way back to health. My eating disorder happened quite organically. It was so insidious that I didn’t really understand that it was locking in on my life. By the time I hit college, I knew in my heart that I had a big problem but just couldn’t bring myself to ask for help due to shame. It’s sort of weird that when I was in college, I actually enjoyed smoking pot with close friends. I wasn’t so much the partier but those days at the park with weed are great memories. Now that weed is helping me restore my life. The eating disorder just about destroyed my health. Not only was I grossly underweight, I was also so deprived of nourishment that my organs weren’t far from the beginnings of failure. Finally, I reached out for help with the my situation. And part of my treatment is to use medical marijuana from the dispensary near me. Using cannabis allows me to be comfortable and get accustomed to a natural appetite. I’m learning that this is a good thing and am now attempting to feed my body the healthy foods it needs. Still, this has been so challenging. I think that is another aspect of the weed that helps me. I’m far more filled with hope and possibility than I have ever been before.



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