My parents freaked out over the grass fire

My best friend came over to spend the night as well as he brought some recreational marijuana supplies that his brother obtained from a dispensary, the marijuana was still in the package from the dispensary… But Jack showed me and others the marijuana as well as I immediately wanted to find a place to smoke it, every one of us didn’t have any rolling papers or a bowl.

  • Every one of us found an aluminum soda can as well as punctured the bottom of the can with tiny little holes.

Every one of us put on hole on the other end of the can for a carburetor. Every one of us sited the buds on top of the tiny holes as well as lit them on fire! It was an extreme way to smoke the dispensary marijuana product, however our friend as well as I got really high. Every one of us honestly hit the homemade bowl multiple or four times. Every one of us barely smoked one of the buds from the package, but both of us were feeling pretty good. Every one of us put the bowl on the ground by the picnic table as well as went back into the basement. My mom as well as dad came to find us a few hours later. They told us that there was a fire outside. My mom as well as dad were frantic, because they did not assume how the fire began. I could have told them that Jack as well as I were smoking marijuana outside, however then they would have been really angry. I thought it was best to keep the truth to myself. It’s been 10 years since that incident, and our mom as well as dad only recently found out what really happened. When I found out that our best friend as well as I had been smoking marijuana, our mom as well as dad went ballistic. I’m 25 years old and they still went silly when they found out that we were smoking weed.

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