The BOGO sale at the dispensary

Marijuana dispensaries tend to have big sales all of the time so they can attract current customers plus new patients.

There are a large number of marijuana dispensaries in town.

Some of the dispensaries throw sales every single day of the week. One locale has BOGO sales every day of the week. One marijuana dispensary features a live demonstration in the building every single day of the week. My neighbor Jackson plus I went to the marijuana dispensary a few weeks ago plus there was a smiling person in the lobby performing a live demonstration. The smiling person was from a cannabis concentrate business. The representative was handing out a free gram of cannabis concentrate with the purchase of any product from the same manufacturing business. I was pretty stoked when I realized that the demonstration was going on, because I already planned to get a product from the same business, but Jackson started to get some marijuana concentrate after he found out about the sale. I bought two grams of live resin plus some concentrate. I expected to get 2 grams of their current product for free. But the lady at the counter told me that they were only allowed to provide away a single product for free with each purchase. Both Jackson plus I were disappointed when the people I was with and I found out about the strict rules. We were both planning to buy a couple of extra grams of marijuana concentrates just so the people I was with and I could get more items for free. I left the weed shop feeling quite deflated plus disappointed. They should have told us up front about the policy of only a single gram per person.

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