My friend is a recovering opiate addict and switched to marijuana concentrates

I have a close friend from high school who fell into a bad group of kids who were all abusing drugs at the time. While it was mostly alcohol and cocaine in those days, it quickly devolved into harder drugs like methamphetamine and prescription opiates. When his behavior changed and he quit going to classes, we slowly fell out of seeing one another until we were in our early 20s. By then I was a busy student in undergraduate school and he was now on a path toward recovery. His parents urged him to attend rehab when he failed out of school, and then he went back and got his GED within the following year. After earning his GED, he immediately went to trade school and learned how to cook. The trade school set him up with a nearby culinary school and even taught him how to apply for financial aid and student loans. He’s a cook in the kitchen at one of the most prestigious hotels in this city. I was so happy when I ran into him the other day because he was smiling from ear to ear and clearly looked like he was in a much better place than before. Oddly, I ran into him at the medical cannabis store near my college. He said that after he quit opiates, he managed his cravings with cannabis concentrates like live rosin and live resin. I am more of a fan of cannabis flower products, but I couldn’t find a better marijuana product than live rosin if I tried. It’s made with just heat and pressure after fresh marijuana flowers are harvested and flash frozen to get the trichomes agitated and ready for release.



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