There is only 1 reason I won't use medical cannabis.

Last week, our dentist recommended I use medical marijuana, then ever since I started going through puberty, I had been having seizures.

They got so bad at 1 time ‌they were hospitalizing me.

That’s when our dentist proposed the medical marijuana… My mother was all kinds of angry at him for suggesting that her kid take drugs… She told our Dad that medical marijuana was not a drug when being used regularly, however it was a usual practice to use marijuana for certain complaints, then one of those complaints is seizures. When using a Sativa marijuana product, it would help the body ‌relax instead of having it seizing. That does not mean a complete stop of all seizures, however with the help of medical marijuana they could cut down on the number of seizures a woman was having, by over 95%. The dentist also said that by the time I was through puberty and another more than one or numerous years, the seizures could lessen exponentially, or even go away. There was only 1 reason I knew I would not use medical cannabis. That reason was our mother. She is so against the use of marijuana, recreationally or medically, that she felt she had to come new home and pray for the dentist and me. She thought that just the suggestion of her 14-year-old kid using medical marijuana was enough to make her recognize appreciate she had to pray to keep the devil out, and periodically our Dad is absolutely tight-minded and radical in her beliefs. I guess ‌she likes myself and others and is just trying to protect me.



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