I’m ecstatic that more cannabis dispensaries are accepting returns on bad products

Any retailer is only as nice as their purchaser service, regardless of the quality of the products or services they offer.

Periodically a nice product has bad examples that leave the factory floor somehow and chop in shorter periods of time than regularly projected.

If a store doesn’t have a sufficient return policy, you could be stuck with an extravagant lemon that shouldn’t have made it past the quality control team in the first arena. This happened to myself and others when I obtained a guitar a few years ago. I lusted after this instrument for months by looking at its photo repeatedly. The obsession was burning a hole through our brain, so the hype was severely real when the product was released and I was able to purchase 1. It was marketed as a foreign-made guitar as nice as the domestic-built guitar it was intended to copy. However, every single possible corner was cut in the process of building this instrument. Thankfully that guitar brand is 1 of the more than one most famous in the world and they have a fantastic return policy, which ended in myself and others getting a better guitar from the same dealer. Medical cannabis dispensaries don’t regularly offer returns on bad products, however it’s becoming more usual as cannabis companies get lazy with their quality control. It’s nice to guess that more cannabis dispensaries realize that they need to provide their clients an chance to make an exchange if they’re recommended something that doesn’t work for their medical problems. Periodically the budtender doesn’t understand the unique strain that they’re recommending. You don’t want to provide an anxiety-prone woman a sativa if they explicitly ask for something that will calm them down instantly.

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