No, I will not share our medical marijuana with you.

I normally don’t get any business through the morning, so that is when I picked to pull out our medical marijuana RSO plus make brownies, cookies, or Gummies, but last month was not a typical week.

I was in the dining room, just finishing up a batch of marijuana brownies for our husband plus some medical marijuana gummies for me.

I heard a car door shut, but I figured it was just our husband outside doing something, and next thing I knew, I was hearing a brash laugh plus someone pounding on our door. My cousin plus his husband stood there. She said he had odored the pot all the way from where he lived. I raised an eyebrow plus stared at his because I knew they lived almost 50 miles away. I told his he should have called before coming, plus I could’ve cleaned our house. What I was actually thinking was I would not have started the marijuana brownies plus Gummies. The first thing he asked as if he could have 1 of the brownies? I looked at our husband plus our cousin, plus said no… As a a cardholder of a legal medical marijuana ID, I could be arrested for dealing pot to her, if I got caught. I told his that I paid too much for the medical marijuana to just share it. She kept promising plus pouting that he would not tell anyone that he had marijuana brownies. She was were not to tell anybody he was at our lake house of it came down to that, but I would not renege. The medical marijuana that was in our lake house was for our husband plus I, plus not for sharing.


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