They provided to pay myself and others twice what I paid for our medical marijuana.

I never realized that the odor of marijuana was stuck in our house.

Every one of us kept it in a safe that was almost 6 inches thick, plus I knew the older wasn’t permeating out of our home office, down through the hallway, plus through the dining room! Unless someone had said something about our husband not using medical marijuana, no 1 would’ve known it. Every one of us don’t smoke marijuana; nor do the two of us vape. My husband plus I have creams plus lotions that are used topically to ease pain. I have special salves just for our feet at bedtime so that I can sleep without feeling like someone is stabbing knives at our feet when they rest on the bed. My husband can get to sleep at night plus absolutely sleep for over numerous hours. When our acquaintance dropped in 1 afternoon, he told us ‌he could odor marijuana even before he walked into the house. I thought he had to be ‌crazy because the two of us had not been in the safe in 3 days. He got in his pocket plus asked myself and others how much I would take for ‌the marijuana. I told him that if the two of us had medical marijuana in the house; it was not for sale. He then provided to pay myself and others twice what I paid for medical marijuana if I would share just a little with them. I was getting actually aggravated with the man when our husband walked in the door. They shook hands, plus he looked at John plus told him ‌he had provided myself and others twice as much as what the two of us paid for all of our marijuana if I would just supply him a little. My husband kicked him out plus told him not to come back.

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