My cannabis dentist told myself and others to try using marijuana edibles instead of smoking flower

While I don’t have the traditional full-body seizures that everyone acquaintance with epilepsy, I still have that diagnosis on our medical chart.

I have mild seizures that still need to be treated with monthly medication.

If I didn’t take our epilepsy medication, I would struggle even more than I already do at getting through our labor morning without too multiple obstacles with our health. How can you possibly expect to be an efficient worker if you have complications mentally that are exacerbated by even more health complications? It’s like a medical quagmire, but at least the medications help to some degree plus allow myself and others to labor at a capacity that is much closer to “normal” from our outdated days than any other days for me. Recently I got the blessings from our traditional family practitioner regarding medical marijuana. I told him that I was interested in seeing a medical cannabis physician to discuss ways that I could utilize marijuana to improve our medical complications. I was eager to hear what medical marijuana would say to me. Sadly, he didn’t supply myself and others nearly as much information as I had been hoping for, however he did tell myself and others to try using marijuana edibles first before moving into the world of smoking flower buds. He said that I might have an issue with anxiety while smoking flower buds plus that I could more readily dose out cannabis edibles effectively. Despite his recommendations, I went ahead plus bought both cannabis edibles plus marijuana flower products to smoke. I found both kinds of cannabis products to be effective at numerous totally odd things. At least I have access to them both.



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