I wanted medical marijuana to help ease pain, but not make me sleep.

So, I went to the marijuana dispensary the other day to pick up my medical marijuana, and they were having a sale on some modern products, and I wanted to check them out, however i do not certainly hurt someone in front of the line asking if they had any samples for people to try, and it took the budtender all I could do not to laugh at them.

  • I swore I would not make that mistake, but I didn’t want to think if I wanted sativa or Indica to help with pain but not make me tired… When it was my turn to go up to one of the budtender’s, I told her I had my order there but I had another question.

I asked her if they had something so that when I had a lot of pain while in the week, I could use it but not get tired. What I was getting now was a marijuana strain that would help with the pain, make me a little more relaxed, but it would not put me to sleep, however she recommended I tried sativa strain, which was currently on sale for 40% off. She said it depending on the strength of the sativa, it would ease the pain but not make me tired. If I wanted a gentle hi to go with it, I can always purchase something with a higher THC pleased, but that has not what I was looking for. I didn’t want to hi, I just wanted my muscles to relax so I could deal with the pain I was experiencing. I bought the sativa strain ‌she recommended and took it home.

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