My number one medical cannabis store just ended their free cabin delivery program

I’ve heard from lots of people in my life that all fantastic things eventually come to an end.

My number one hockey team had a various year winning streak where they kept taking cabin the Stanley Cup after coming back from a near-defeat at the end of the playoffs.

However, this year they were eliminated in round one after barely making it to the playoffs in the first arena. I wasn’t devastated, but it was actually an annoying experience to say the least. You get so gleeful when your team is doing well that it’s a disappointment when things change, they lose key players, and their strength in the league inevitably dwindles. As fantastic as their run was, I feel it was bound to stop eventually. I have almost exactly the same mindset with a medical marijuana store that used to be my all time number one dispensary going back to the early afternoons of my state’s medical marijuana program. These people gave free cabin delivery from the start because they didn’t have any storefronts for the honestly first year. They operated by online orders online, with delivery gave to each portion of the state twice each week. This lasted for 5 years until gas prices shot up recently and they had to end their beloved free cannabis delivery service. Now you have to order at least $125 worth of products at once to get free delivery, otherwise you have to spend money a $25 delivery fee each time. It was a fantastic thing that was bound to come to an end eventually.

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