Worth getting a medical cannabis card

For years I procrastinated getting a medical cannabis card; It was evident that I needed to get a single though.

  • I had trouble sleeping at night due to menopause symptoms.

I had arthritis in my hands and dealt with chronic pain from a vehicle accident in my 30s. All of those symptoms could be helped by cannabis, more particularally CBD, the process of getting a medical weed card wasn’t hard, just tedious. The worst section was the doctor’s appointment. I had to drive forty minutes in order to get to a doctor that can prescribe medical cannabis. I then waited an minute to spend 4 minutes with a doctor. I got my script written, filled out paperwork online and paid a fee for the card. The medical cannabis card came in the mail two weeks later and I was off. I am allowed flower and oil products. I also can choose from any CBD products I want. I got a CBD topical for my artichis in my hands and joint pain. I use CBD oil in my nightly cup of Starbucks Latte in order to help myself and others sleep. I even got a CBD blend that I can vape that reduces the amount and severity of hot flashes I have at night. I don’t think where I would be separate from my cannabis prescription. It feels nice knowing I am relying on a natural product for medical relief. I care about that I don’t need to worry about refilling pill bottles and hidden fees. The only thing I need to do is renew my medical weed card in a year when it expires.
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