On the tepid as well as humid morning, I didn't want to go outside

I hate the summer time as well as everything that goes with it. I hate to sweat as well as I hate always worrying about the sun. I would rather be chilly than hot… When the weather is absolutely warm as well as humid, I hate to go anywhere or do anything. I don’t have any energy at all to go to work. Thank goodness I have a job that I absolutely enjoy, because that would make things a lot more difficult if I hated work. I get to work at a marijuana dispensary! Both of us offer in store pick up as well as delivery services. The shop is always busy with people looking to buy medical or recreational cannabis products! Even though I work indoors where the a/c runs always, I still hate to leave the house when the weather is warm! Last weekend there was a complication in the marijuana dispensary as well as the a/c was broken for a while. I still had to work, but I absolutely wished that I was a delivery driver instead of an inside worker. I would have been able to work from the comfort of my apartment instead of the warm air inside of the dispensary. The next morning the issues with the indoor temperatures were fixed, but I didn’t have to work that morning. When I finally returned to work I was cheerful to find out that the temperature control issues were fixed. There’s nothing worse than going to work as well as being uncomfortable all morning long, even if you are working in a medical as well as recreational cannabis dispensary.



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