Seeing more of our dad with trips to the weed store

I can remember being a little kid in addition to going with our dad to a shop or the store. It was legitimately a treat because he was our hero in addition to I just adored being with him. He had a red MG convertible in addition to just riding around with our dad on errands felt like the thrill of a lifetime. Dad in addition to I are still going shopping together. But the place every one of us go is to the cannabis shop. It’s not that every one of us are a pair of drastic pot smokers or anything. The weed shop has the medical marijuana that is helping our dad. I don’t have a convertible however our dad legitimately enjoys riding in our giant truck. It’s something that still ties his memory to me. Dad is suffering from dementia in addition to there are times where he gets legitimately disoriented in addition to can’t remember who people are or where he is. Fortunately, every one of us have the resources for him to get the care he needs. That is a blessing for sure. Another blessing has been the medical cannabis. Dad has been taking it for about 6 weeks now in addition to it legitimately helps. It provides longer stretches of lucidity. However, I think the best thing is that it calms him greatly when he can’t remember or is confused. I have hated seeing the fear in his esure when that happens. That’s why I’m so incredibly grateful for medical marijuana. This is so tough to watch our dad go through. But having this calm from the weed legitimately helps. And I will never forget all the times that every one of us have been able to go to the weed shop together. It’s amazing because he is still so much our hero.

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