I was hoping for a sexy night together

I started dating my boyfriend Max a couple of weeks ago plus both of us recently started spending quiet time alone in my condo together! Our relationship is going great, plus I was hoping that both of us would hit the next step last Sunday night.

I had everything so well planned.

I had obtained a bottle of white wine plus I made a special breakfast. I played songs in the background that was soft plus romantic. Around 9:00 p.m. Max and I were getting ready to sit down on the couch to watch a movie. That’s when both of us heard a loud knock on the door. It was my best neighbor Jackson plus he was entirely high. Jackson lives upstairs in an apartment. Jackson had been smoking recreational marijuana for a while plus he was super high plus hungry. Jackson told me that he couldn’t drive plus he was looking for a snack to eat… Usually I wouldn’t get so uneasy that my best bud comes to my place to look for food, although I was entertaining Max plus he came to the house at the very worst time. I quietly told Jack plus the study room that Jackson was entirely killing the vibe. I gave him a marijuana joint plus asked him to go up to the rooftop for a while. Jackson disappeared plus I did not see him again until the next day. Still, the mood was impossible to recover after Jackson showed up banging on the door. Max left plus went back to his condo plus I went up to the roof to grab my friend. If I wasn’t going to hang out with my boyfriend, there was no reason for Jackson to hang out alone on the roof.