Warming up the edibles

My friend Jay plus I went to the shore for the weekend.

The weather was so appealing. I don’t suppose both of us saw a cloud all weekend. While Jay and I were there, both of us decided to go to a marijuana dispensary that both of us had never visited before. The shop had a first-time patient discount special plus both of us took advantage of the big sale. I spent about $150 on marijuana supplies. I got some amazing edible marijuana cookies plus brownies. Edibles are one of my number one ways to use marijuana. Smoking makes me cough a good deal, and vaping is not much better for my health or my asthma. I obtained some brownies that had 20 mg of THC in each one of the servings. I don’t think what style of guy can chop such a small brownie into 4 tiny pieces, but it was hard enough just for me to eat one of the brownies at a time. The cookies were another story. They were hard plus crunchy plus not very flavorful. I found that warming up the brownies plus the pot cookies made both of the items taste much better. It especially helped the cookies, because they were not very fantastic to start with. The trip to the dispensary wasn’t fruitful for me, but my neighbor Jay got a good deal on some live resin cannabis concentrate. Jay enjoys to vape. He has a glass dab rig plus an e-nail. Jay is pretty serious about his marijuana concentrates. Jay regularly has at least several or several peculiar sativas, hybrids, plus indicas. Jay keeps all of the reuse plus makes his own THC capsules with coconut oil plus the leftover reuse substances.


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