The chocolate bar was super potent

Sometime in the middle of my senior year in high school, I got into a car accident plus hurt my right knee.

I stayed in the hospital for a very long phase of time plus I could not finish the season of playing baseball.

I lost my full scholarship plus I ended up at a community school. I still earned a degree in accounting, although I know I could have been a great baseball player if things had gone a peculiar way. The pain in my right knee continued to get worse as I got older. Eventually I decided to begin using recreational marijuana products. A neighbor of mine used recreational marijuana products for the same reason plus he told me that a low dose edible would help relieve some of the pain that I was feeling. The guy also recommended using a CBD supplement. I sampled a lot of peculiar marijuana edibles plus some of my number ones are gummies plus cookies. A couple weeks ago I was at a dispensary that had a chocolate bar with thc. That was the first time I saw this chocolate bar, so I purchased the product. I did not think if it was going to be truly fantastic or not. The chocolate bar was absolutely more potent than any other product I have picked up from the marijuana dispensary. Even though the chocolate bar claimed to have the same level of THC as any other edible, it was clearly stronger for some reason. I read some studies online that allege chocolate can enhance the effects of marijuana plus that seems to be 100% true for me.


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