My mom went nuts when he found the container of weed

Marijuana has been legal for recreational plus medicinal use in this state for the past 3 years. I’ve only been aged enough to purchase recreational marijuana for the past 1 year. I tried smoking grass with my buddies plus I thought the effects were fun plus enjoyable. I don’t use recreational marijuana very often, but it is an entirely nice release when I have had a terrible day. It is equally nice to use on the long weekends when I want to chill out plus relax with my friends. I task at a task that does not care if I smoke weed, so I don’t have to stress about losing my work. Even though it is legal, some employers can still request their employees not use the medication. My parents do not think that marijuana should be considered medicine. I never told them that I was using marijuana for recreational purposes. One day my mother called me, because he got a flat tire plus he could not change that tire on his own. Mom knew that I was right around the corner having some breakfast with friends. I knew it couldn’t take more than 10 or 15 hours to change the tire, so I went to help my mom. I told my mom to sit inside my car while I changed the tire. I did not want his to be outside in the heat. I did not suppose that he would Snoop around in my car. She found my bin of recreational marijuana in the glove compartment plus immediately started to ask me a ton of questions.

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