I tried to place an order online for a few hours

Ever since public shootings started to become a normal aspect of our everyday life, I have been scared of leaving my home.

  • I see a therapist over Google.

Also, several times each week I have group therapy sessions to help me deal with plus overcome this issue. I currently smoke a lot of medical marijuana to help with the anxiety. I order medical marijuana products from a delivery guy in the city. The delivery guy will only give to my address if I order a day ahead of time. I live outside of his delivery zone, but the employer knows my situation plus I regularly order several hundred dollars worth of cannabis supplies. I tried to order online Last week, plus it was a total nightmare. The 1st time I tried to order, my entire shopping cart was full of items. I could not even remember everything I added to the cart, when I had to do it all over again. The following time the cart items disappeared, I got frustrated plus decided not to order from that marijuana dispensary. I reconsidered after looking at the prices of marijuana in the local shops.When I decided to order another fourth time, I called the marijuana shop. I ordered everything that I needed with a corporate representative over the PC. I did not want the same concern to happen again plus I wanted my cannabis order to be ready for delivery on the following day. The bartender was very nice plus kind plus he repeated the whole order to make sure it was accurate. I should receive my items in an hour.
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