I got burnt badly with a torch

All of My friends plus myself properly use marijuana products.

Most of the time both of us vape concentrate… Concentrate is the most potent form of marijuana and usually has 60% THC if not higher.

Concentrate is absolutely 1 of the best marijuana products plus absolutely one of the cheapest in terms of price per gram plus session. I can make a gram of wax last a lot longer than 3 grams of marijuana flowers. In order to vape concentrate, the marijuana has to be turned Into a vapor plus that tastes a very high amount of heat. I use a torch to heat up the nail that I use for vaping concentrate products. Late Last night I was heating up my porch when the dog ran into the room plus knocked the torch over. The heating element fell onto my arm plus I was burned badly. The skin on my arm bubbled up like a blister. I tried to run some chilly water over the burn, although I suppose it made things worse. I was starting to go into shock. My roommate Bob was home at the time. I started yelling for Bob to come to my room. He saw me in the bathroom plus started to freak out too. I told Bob to keep it together, because I wasn’t going to. We went directly to the hospital emergency room. When the ER nurse found out how the accident occurred, he had a different look on his face as if I deserved to get burned because I was smoking marijuana. The nurse never said anything different to me, although I could tell that he was not pro-marijuana.


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