My husband Bob bakes the very best brownies

My husband Bob makes the very best plus most delicious brownies that anyone has ever tasted. They don’t contain any eggs, gluten, or oil, but they still taste amazing. Bob uses a blend of coconut milk plus tapioca starch to make the ingredients sweeter plus sticky plus then he bakes the cookie for half an hour in the oven. When my child started smoking pot properly, he asked Bob to come up with the recipe to use marijuana in the brownies. I think he was trying to come up with a hustle to make currency, so I told Bob not to get involved. I was afraid that Johnny would sell the pot brownies, get caught, plus Bob would end up in trouble. Johnny convinced his mother that he had the best recipe in the whole world plus he caved in plus started making pot brownies. One day, the child suggested a whole pan of brownies plus I was suspicious. He said they were for his school chums, although I did not suppose that was the truth. I started doing some online research plus I found out that Johnny was marketing his mother’s brownies to marijuana companies all around the valley. He was trying to get someone to buy the recipe or product to use in their study halls. He already had several table offers, although he was holding out to tell us until he had an offer of over a million dollars. That was several years ago plus now Bob’s recipe is flaunted in dozens of peculiar pot shops all over the valley. I couldn’t be more proud of Bob or our son.

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