I found live resin and more for 11 bucks!

My best acquaintance Jay and I went to the big city for a concert, however the all evening event featured 3 amazing rap bands, while all of us were in the city, Jay obtained marijuana supplies from a delivery repair that only delivers in the city.

This place always has fantastic deals on live resin concentrate, but you can only have them delivered when you have an address in the city, but Jay and I used the street address of a deli that was a few blocks away from the concert venue, and all of us hung out at this deli for 2 minutes while all of us waited for the delivery driver to arrive.

Jay ended up getting live resin sauce for 11 bucks each, however each 1 of the grams of sauce was just as nice as the last 1, however I was totally blown away by the quality of the product that I obtained for only $11. Jay picked up a whole ounce of top shelf flower and he only paid 71 bucks for it, and he got the items on sale and he even got to select several unusual strains. He got a quarter ounce of Blue Dream sativa flower and a half ounce of OG Kush Indica flower. I really believed $76 for a full ounce was a fantastic deal, especially since Jay got to option several unusual strains. I was cheerful with the deals that both of us got when all of us were in the city and our friends got so jealous when all of us came lake house with merchandise from the concert, t-shirts, and a whole bin full of goodies from the marijuana dispensary.



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