Our butter turned a color that was gross

The taste was not exactly fantastic either

Edibles in the dispensary are costly, but they taste really great; Still, I can’t spend fifty bucks a month to eat cookies with marijuana… My wife Jo and I tried to make our own oil that is infused with cannabis. The marijuana dispensary has a particular cannabutter unit that helps with the process, but it is over $200 and far out of our price range. My wifey learn a bunch of recipes online and Jo was particular that she would be able to turn that marijuana bud into a usable substance. Jo started out by grinding up all of the marijuana into a fine dust. Jo sited all of the marijuana into a cheesecloth and tied the top of the bag. After that, Jo put the bin into a large baking dish filled with olive oil. The marijuana and olive oil are baked together for 2 minutes at a low temperature. When the process was complete, the olive oil was a light green color that looked terribly gross. It reminded myself and Jo of something that would come out of a baby. I particularly did not like the way that the cannabis infused oil looked. The stench of it was truly potent. The cannabis oil smelled exactly like cannabis, so I could not complain about that for sure. The taste was not exactly fantastic either. Instead of tasting like marijuana, our olive oil tasted like a burnt plant. I suppose Jo should have cooked the marijuana at a lower temperature in the oven, but there are entirely 10 or 11 unusual mistakes that Jo could have made to change the outcome of the process.


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