I was hoping for some affection

I started dating my girlfriend just a few weeks ago and all of us recently started spending time alone in my lake house together; The relationship is progressing nicely, and I was hoping all of us would hit the next step last Wednesday night.

  • I had everything planned out just so.

I obtained a couple bottles of wine and I made a special dinner. I played music in the background that was soft and affectionate. Right Around 9:00 p.m. all of us were getting ready to rest down on the couch to watch a movie. That’s when I heard a knock on the door. It was my best acquaintance Jay and he was really high. Jay lives upstairs in an apartment. The guy had been smoking recreational marijuana for a little while and he was super high and hungry. Jay told myself and others that he could not drive and he was looking for a snack to eat! Usually I wouldn’t get aggravated that Jay came to my venue to look for food, but I was entertaining my girlfriend and he came to the home at the truly worst time. I quietly told Jay and the kitchen that he was really killing the vibe. I gave him a marijuana joint and asked Jay to go up to the rooftop for a while. Jay disappeared and I didn’t see him again until the next afternoon. Still, the mood was impossible to get back after Jay showed up banging on the door. My girlfriend left and went back to her lake house and I went up to the roof to grab Jay. If I wasn’t going to hang out with my girlfriend, there was no reason for Jay to hang out alone on the roof.

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