I can’t continue the relationship

When the dispensary manager hired a current girl to help us out, I told my friends that I thought she was cute.

  • I told my friends that I was going to ask Sav out on a date and they warned myself and others not to get involved with someone who works in the same place as me.

I didn’t listen to any of their fantastic advice, but looking back now, I surely wish that I would have listened to them. When I started dating Sav, things were so great. All of us got the same schedule at job and all of us were together all afternoon and all night long. I thought it was perfect and I thought my friends were jealous when they warned myself and others about things moving too abruptly. When Sav and I broke up, she did not take it truly well. I felt like she was smothering myself and others in the relationship. I broke up with Sav and the next time all of us had to job together things were awkward and weird. Sav didn’t want to speak with myself and others at all. The recreational marijuana dispensary manager noticed the high amount of tension between the several of us. The manager warned us that all of us needed to learn how to do our jobs together if all of us were both going to continue now working at the recreational marijuana dispensary. Even though I couldn’t continue the relationship any longer, I didn’t want to lose my job. I found a way to job with Sav so that both of us could keep our jobs at the recreational marijuana dispensary. All of us continued to work together for 2 weeks and then Sav quit.
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