The cannabis infused chocolate bar was stronger than any other product

Sometime in the middle of my final year at university, I got into an accident and hurt my knee.

I was in the hospital for a truly long period of time and I couldn’t finish the season of baseball.

I lost my scholarship and I ended up going to community college instead. I still gained a 2-year degree in marketing and accounting, but I could have been an awesome baseball player if things had gone an unusual way. The pain in my knees continued to get worse as I got older. Eventually I decided to start using recreational marijuana products. An acquaintance of mine was using recreational marijuana products for the same reason and Bill told myself and others that a low dose edible could help relieve some of the pain that I was feeling. Bill also proposed using a CBD supplement. I tried a lot of varied marijuana edibles and some of my number ones are gummies and cookies. A few weeks back I was at a dispensary that had a chocolate bar with thc. That was the first time I saw a yummy chocolate bar, so I obtained the product. I didn’t recognize if it was going to taste fantastic or not. The chocolate bar was honestly more potent than any other product I have ever obtained from the marijuana dispensary. Even though the chocolate bar claimed to just have the same amount of THC as any other edible, it felt stronger for some reason. I learned that some studies online that say chocolate can enhance the effects of marijuana and that seems to be the case for me.
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